Output Devices

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

  • Group assignment:

    • Measure the power consumption of an output device.
    • Document your work on the group work page and reflect on your individual page what you learned.
  • Individual assignment:

    • Add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate workflows used in controlling an output device(s) with MCU board you have designed.

Have you answered these questions?

  • Linked to the group assignment page.
  • Documented how you determined power consumption of an output device with your group.
  • Documented what you learned from interfacing output device(s) to microcontroller and controlling the device(s).
  • Linked to the board you made in a previous assignment or documented your design and fabrication process if you made a new board.
  • Explained the programming process/es you used.
  • Explained any problems you encountered and how you fixed them.
  • Included original source code and any new design files.
  • Included a ‘hero shot’ of your board.


Why do I need to measure the power consumption of devices in a system?

Answer: Different devices need different amounts of energy to function. You need to be able to understand the voltage, current & power requirements of your project in order to choose a suitable power source.

Is it enough to use a simple LED as an output device for this assignment?

Answer: No. You need to go further and use an LED array, RGB LED, high powered LED or another output device.

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