Applications and Implications

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

Your project should incorporate:

  • 2D and 3D design
  • Additive and subtractive fabrication processes
  • Electronics design and production
  • Embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming
  • System integration and packaging.

Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project. Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable.

See Final Project Requirements for a complete list of requirements you must fulfil.

The answers to the questions below will allow you to create your BOM (Bill Of Materials).

Learning outcomes

  • Define the scope of a project
  • Develop a project plan including a bill of materials (BOM)

Have you answered these questions?

  • What will it do?
  • Who has done what beforehand?
  • What will you design?
  • What materials and components will be used?
  • Where will they come from?
  • How much will they cost?
  • What parts and systems will be made?
  • What processes will be used?
  • What questions need to be answered?
  • How will it be evaluated?


What does it mean by "what questions need to be answered?"

Answer: It means the things you need to figure out or learn to be able to make your final project.

What does it mean by "How will it be evaluated?"

Answer: You need to list the features of your project that must work successfully in order for your project to be considered a success.

How do I know I have completed this assignment?

Answer: You have answered all the questions on the "have you" section and documented your plan for the implementation of the final project.

Why do I have to answer these questions?

Answer: These are questions to help you plan your final project. Answer these and any other questions you think will help you do this.

Do I need to create the Bill Of Materials (BOM) in this assignment?

Answer: Yes, even if it is not the final version, you have to do it as part of your project plan.

:wink: Have a question or feedback? Use this quick link to open an issue in GitLab class repo!

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