Embedded Programming

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

  • Group assignment:

    • Browse through the datasheet for your microcontroller
    • Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures
    • Document your work to the group work page and reflect on your individual page what you learned
  • Individual assignment:

    • Write a program for a microcontroller development board to interact (with local input &/or output devices) and communicate (with remote wired or wireless devices)

Learning outcomes

  • Implement programming protocols.

Have you answered these questions?

  • Linked to the group assignment page
  • Programmed your board to interact and communicate
  • Described the programming process(es) you used
  • Included your source code
  • Included ‘hero shot(s)’


Is it enough for the group assignment if we compare different microcontrollers in theory?

Answer: No, You need to program devices from at least two different MCU families.

If I modify existing code, is that now my code?

Answer: If you use someone's else code as a starting point, remember that you must acknowledge whoever made it. See General Essentials. To succeed in this assignment, experiment with changing the code, understand how that worked, and write your own code.

How should I include source code on my website?

Answer: Either as a downloadable file or as an embedded code block. It is not enough to just post a picture or screenshot of your code. Keep your webpage tidy and easy to read.

:wink: Have a question or feedback? Use this quick link to open an issue in GitLab class repo!

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