Mid Term Review

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

On your final project site post a system diagram for your project, list the tasks to be completed, make a schedule for doing them, and meet with your local instructor to review these.

Learning outcomes

  • Reviewed
  • Assess progress in the documentation of preceding assignments
  • Communicate your final project proposal and progress
  • Communicate a plan for your project management

Have you answered these questions?

  • Show progress in documenting the assignments:

    • principles and practices
    • project management
    • computer-aided design
    • computer-controlled cutting
    • electronics production
    • 3D scanning and printing
    • electronics design
    • computer-controlled machining
    • embedded programming
    • output devices
    • mechanical design & machine design
  • Show progress on your final project idea/s and planning

  • Made a schedule for remaining tasks


Why is this necessary?

Answer: This is a necessary step for your Instructor and yourself to assess your general progress and your chances to graduate in the June cutoff.

How do I make a schedule to manage the rest of the Fab Academy?

Answer: Any way you want, you could use for example Gantt chart, Kanban board or any other mean you like.

How do I communicate my final project proposal and progress?

Answer: You should have a dedicated Final Project page with details about overall system design that illustrates how all the parts of your Final Project will work together.

:wink: Have a question or feedback? Use this quick link to open an issue in GitLab class repo!

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