Electronics Design

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

  • Group assignment:

    • Use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board (as a minimum, you should demonstrate the use of a multimeter and oscilloscope)
    • Document your work on the group work page and reflect what you learned on your individual page
  • Individual assignment:

    • Use an EDA tool to design a development board to interact and communicate with an embedded microcontroller

Learning outcomes

  • Select and use software for circuit board design
  • Demonstrate workflows used in circuit board design

Have you answered these questions?

  • Linked to the group assignment page
  • Documented what you have learned in electronics design
  • Checked your board can be fabricated
  • Explained problems and how you fixed them.
  • Included original design files (Eagle, KiCad, etc.)
  • Included a ‘hero shot’


Can I modify an existing EDA software project?

Answer: No, you have to draw your board from scratch.

Can I draw my design by hand?

Answer: Yes, but you still have to demonstrate the use of EDA software this week.

Do I need to fabricate a board for this assignment?

Answer: yes

What does 'interact and communicate with an embedded microcontroller' mean?

Answer: It means you must design a development board with embedded microcontroller.

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