Interface and Application Programming

:sparkles: Updated for 2024 evaluation standards!

  • Group assignment:

    • Compare as many tool options as possible.
    • Document your work on the group work page and reflect on your individual page what you learned.
  • Individual assignment

    • Write an application that interfaces a user with an input and/or output device(s) on a board that you made.

Learning outcomes

  • Implement a User Interface (UI) using programming and explore protocols to communicate with an embedded board.

Have you answered these questions?

  • Linked to the group assignment page.
  • Documented your process.
  • Explained the UI that you made and how you did it.
  • Explained how your application communicates with your embedded board.
  • Explained any problems you encountered and how you fixed them.
  • Included original source code (or a screenshot of the app code if that's not possible).
  • Included a ‘hero shot’ of your application running & communicating with your board.


How do I compare tool options in the group assignment?

Answer: Describe the typical use cases and workflows of the tools you and your group tried.

Do we have to interface with a board for the group assignment?

Answer: No, but you need to get an overview of what tool options are available.

Is it ok to use Command Line Interface (CLI)?

Answer: Yes, as long as it's GUI-like.

:wink: Have a question or feedback? Use this quick link to open an issue in GitLab class repo!

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