General essentials

Imagine that one day you need to reproduce all of your assignments. You have no internet, no-one is able to help you. You have only your fab academy archive folder and the resources within the fab lab. Ensure that you have documented everything in enough detail in your archive so that you can do this easily.

  1. Design files and code must be present in the archive in the original editable format (Antimony, Solidworks, Fusion360, Kicad, etc).
  2. Your files must be hosted in your gitlab repository. If you have large files that exceed 10 MB, discuss compressing and hosting options with your instructor.
  3. Take photos, notes and screenshots as you work - compress and resize your images for web. Use these to explain and describe what you do. A ‘hero shot’ is a photo or video showing your finished product.
  4. Acknowledge work done by others (both human and machine). Pay attention to licenses for work you use.
  5. Abide by the Commercial Board Policy.
  6. You must meet the following requirements to graduate:
    • All weekly assigments must be completed
    • You must have completed and globally presented your Final Project.
  7. Final project must meet the basic requirements
  8. Fabacademy documentation must be written in English. We highly recommend that you utilize all available tools (spell checker, grammer checker, AI tools, etc.) to ensure that your documentation is free of errors and is easily understood by everyone.


I am a continuing student. Am I assessed by this cycle's standards?

Answer: Yes. You will be always assessed by the current standards.

Can I use other software, that is not listed in the presentations?

Answer: Yes, just remember to include your original design files, so that your work can be evaluated. However we strongly encourage you to use the recommended software, as it will make everyone's work easier.

:wink: Have feedback? Feel free to open an issue in the class project!

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