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Another project

2. Soundshaping.

Not very clear on the practicalities of this one yet, but it is an idea I tried to turn into a film long time ago. Forgot about it, now it is back. When Neil showed Kelly Dobson’s Screambody I thought ‘Well, no point in doing that twice’.
But on second thought my idea is a bit different. I’d like to see how to turn soundwaves into a force that can alter or shape a physical object. Screaming into wet clay, so to speak.
Making the sound visible in the process.
And possibly also reverse engineering it: which kind of scream produced this shape in the clay? Main problem: how to not be Thomas Edison all over again

EDIT 22-02-22
I changed my mind about this one. It still is something that is endlessly fascinating to me, but I am already involved in the Chappe project. Projecting the things I learn weekly on two very different outcomes is not practical.

Thrilling, but for another project: the field of heritage acoustics.

Last update: March 2, 2022