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Unity Virtual drone

The application Icon belongs to the University of Oulu

What is it?

An application that allows the player to have a virtual tour of the University of Oulu.

It uses 360 degree photos, mapped into a sphere with the normals inverted.

The code

The project is a virtual tour application of the University of Oulu, similar to Google Maps. Here’s an explanation of what the main classes do:

  1. PlayerController: This class controls the movement of a player-controlled object (drone) in the virtual tour. It uses joystick inputs to move the drone in the scene and applies forces to the rigidbody component of the drone object to simulate movement.

  2. SoundManager: This class manages the playing of sounds in the virtual tour. It has a queue of sound players that store audio clips to be played. The class checks if there are any sounds in the queue and if the voice activation is enabled. If conditions are met, it dequeues a sound player and plays the corresponding audio clip.

  3. SoundPlayer: This class is attached to objects in the scene that can play audio clips. It contains an audio source component and an audio clip to be played. The class provides a method to play the audio clip when called.

  4. SphereManager: This class manages the placement and display of spherical objects (spheres) in the virtual tour. It has a dictionary that stores information about the spheres, including their positions, orientations, and textures. The class can update the displayed sphere based on the player’s position and select the closest sphere to display. It also has functions for creating new spheres and loading textures for existing spheres.

  5. Sphere: This class represents a single spherical object in the virtual tour. It contains information about the sphere’s position, orientation, filename, and loaded state. The class has methods to initialize the sphere’s properties, replace its filename, and load its texture from a file.

These classes work together to create a virtual tour experience in Unity where the player can navigate the University of Oulu and interact with various objects and sounds along the way.

The progress as of 28.5.2023

Last update: July 5, 2023