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About me

Hola! My name is Max, I study at the University of Oulu as part of the DICE program. I have always been very interested in building all kinds of stuff, and what a better way to do it than being FabAcademy Student!

Visit this website to see my work!

My background

I was born in Mexico City, the biggest city in the american continent, which probably made me a very active person as there was always something new to do.

I lived in Turku in the south of Finland for about a year, I was just about to become a Maritime Engineer, but it was just not for me. I went through a lot of the necessary training, which included things such as Firefighting and Survival Techniques

This is me swimming in the ice wearing and emergency escape suit. Lucklily it was just a simulation.

Now I am happily studying at the University of Oulu, where I can be the nerd I was meant to be. I am an international student ambassador, (check out our page here!) which has helped me to meet a lot of very interesting people.

Previous work

During High School I joined the robotics club from the local university, I attended some competitions with varying results and enjoyed my time there. I learned the principles of robotics which probably helped me decide what I wanted to do as a career.

Last update: March 29, 2022