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Figma prototypes

Oulu Maps

Introducing “Oulu Explore,” a Figma prototype project designed for the Basics of Project Work course at the University of Oulu. This innovative app redefines the Oulu experience, emphasizing user-friendly planning and design principles. Demonstrated solely through a Figma prototype, our project offers a seamless and enriching exploration of the city’s hidden gems, attractions, and cultural treasures. Dive into key features designed for simplicity and effectiveness:

  • Interactive Tourist Maps: Effortlessly navigate Oulu with detailed maps highlighting key locations.
  • Pinpointed Attractions: Access rich information with a click on strategically placed pins.
  • Mobile User Interfaces: Enjoy a responsive and intuitive experience on any mobile device.
  • Immersive Street View: Explore Oulu with immersive street views, enhancing navigation.
  • Simplicity with Effectiveness: A minimalist design ensures maximum functionality with fewer taps.
  • User-Generated Suggestions: Actively contribute and suggest attractions to keep the app dynamic.
  • Comprehensive Attraction Information: Detailed descriptions, images, and user reviews for informed decisions.

Tailored for tourists, the app streamlines access with login options via Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. After login, discover nearby attractions on a map-based interface. Clicking on attractions reveals details such as address, opening hours, and GPS-guided routes. For ticketed attractions, the app seamlessly directs users to the ticket buying system. Customizable settings, including units and light/dark mode, enhance the user experience. The Figma prototype, integral to this course project, showcases our technical implementation details. Experience Oulu effortlessly with “Oulu Explore” – a project presented exclusively through the Figma prototype for the Basics of Project Work course.

A Smart Home app

This is a prototype for a Smart Home app created using Figma, for the University of Oulu course 521145A Human Computer Interaction

Last update: November 23, 2023