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19. Project development



  • 3D Printing of all main structures.

  • Design and fabrication of electronics.

    • Technically water pumps are both electronic and structures.

- The boards I will be using utilize an ATTiny 412.

Yet to complete:

  • Laser cutting of the main water tank

    • This is the only major part yet to be fabricated, it will be mostly laser cut and glued with acryllic powder and acetone, although I may need some silicone sealant in case there are any leaks.

  • Programming

  • Integration of all components

So far all of the fabricated parts and electronics have worked smoothly, the first print of the big trunk was of a very low quality, nevertheless still functional. Electronics inlcuding water pumps have worked smoothly, and all sensors have been tested separately.

So far the main challenge is time management, I will laser cut the main water tank the 3.6 and integrate it all on the 6.6, programming shold be quite fast.

What have I learnt?

The design part took 99.99999% of the time I have spent so far, it was really difficult to achieve the appearance I desired while keeping the functionality.

Time management is definitely the biggest challenge, when to do what is perhaps the harder part of the project development.

Last update: June 3, 2022