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15. Interface and application programming

This week we have seen the programming of a user interface. For this we used different methods to create our interfaces. Elina and Theo used a web page in HTML to communicate with their board and Antonio made a programmable in Python language. In this page you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods.

Interest/disinterest of the methods

In the past Computers used to have simple text based interfaces.

Over the years this changed to have visual more interactive interfaces.

Language comparison:

HTML method Python programming
Positive Wireless connection. Can control a mechanism even from a distance. Works on computer, tablet or smartphone. Lots of documentation Multiplatform and with Python integration to multiple programming paradigms
Negative Need a wifi network to work. Loss connection regularly. Speed of action can sometimes be long. Python is a interpreted language that doesn’t compiles itself except by using Nuitka or other code translators