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7. Electronics design

The multimeter

For the group assignment we used the multimeter to check the continuity of our traces but also to check the voltages at the terminals of our components. To do this we powered up Theo’s board and measured the voltage, continuity and resistor values at several points.

  • USB terminal voltage: 5.19 V
  • Transistor terminal voltage: 3.3 V
  • LED terminal voltage: 1.73 V
  • Measured resistance of the 100 ohm resistor: 100.1 ohm
  • Measured resistance of 0 ohm resistor: 0.9 ohm

Logic Analyser

We also used a logic analyser to decode the signal sent to the LED. We understand better the functioning of the microcontroller with this tool


The oscilloscope is an instrument to visualize signals in cartesian coordinates. We have a Tektronix TBS1052B-EDU

For this exercise we inspected Antonio’s board.

Every oscilloscope has different interaction, but the principles are the same you have the basic functions for:

  1. Scale the scope in X and Y axis.
  2. Change the pitch.
  3. Make a two channel graph.
  4. Auto-scale and focus the signal.