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Creative Gcode 3D printing

LIA’s work


a video of LIA’s work

LIA website

Previous workshop results

Vertical excess extrusion

Macrame printing style

Usefull g-code:

G28 //home

G21 //set to mm

G91 //relative position

G90//absolute position

M109 S220 //set head temperature to 200°C

M83 // relative position for extruder only

M245 //Fan on

M246 //Fan off

G4 1000//wait 1000 milliseconds

G1 F3000 X100 Y100 Z0.3 E20//position and extrusion

Prusa specific gcode :

M106 255 //fan speed 0 to 255 M107 //fan off

Pronterface software


gcode viewer

Always a good idea to visualise the gcode path you produce.

Processing code used during the workshop

Setup sequence with homing with a Prusa i3 : prusai3_header_modified.gcode , really important to do the homing , setup cartesian and mm for unit !

Those files are using a complexity progression numbering explained during the workshop.

Basic processing code to output a gcode text file

How to make a square (4 points)

How to make multiple square pile up

How to make multiple square in a pile rotated

How to make a circle and play with overextrusion

The circle formula to make over regular shapes

Same circle formula with angle shifting