RadioMaster TX16S Notes

Upgrading Radio

To upgrade to a new version of OpenTX: 1. Make sure you have a fully charged battery in the radio. 1. Download and install the latest version of OpenTX you’d like to run 1. Hold Trim tabs T4 and T1 inward toward the center of the radio 2. Press and hold the power button, wait for a few seconds 3. Release T4 and T1, a Open TX bootloader screen will appear 4. Plug in the USB cable to the top port of the transmitter

Two drives will connect, named TX16S and numbered drive ####-#### The first will contain the firmware bin files and the other will contain the SD card contents.

  1. Backup all the files and folders in the numbered drive ####-#### to a local drive. We are going to update the SD card to new file versions and we’ll need our backup files later.
  2. Make sure to Read Models and Settings from Radio in the OpenTX companion software and save them locally and name them old version.
  3. Optionally Read Radio Firmware and back it up
  4. In OpenTX companion software do to Downloads and Check for updates.
  5. Say yes if there is a new version, Download firmware, Download SD Card Contents
  6. Once the firmware has Downloaded click the Write Firmware to Radio icon in OpenTX companion software, wait for the popup window to confirm that the firmware has been written.

Now we need to update the contents of the SD card in the radio.

  1. Unzip the Download SD Card Contents
  2. Copy all contents to the Download SD Card Contents onto the radios SD Card, On Linux answer prompts to replace and merge files if prompted (this will take some time)
  3. Once contents is done copying you can unplug the radio from the computer
  4. Select exit, and the radio will boot into OpenTX
  5. Re-calibrate the radio sticks as prompted or if not prompted it’s a good idea to calibrate, via System Button, Hardware, Calibration
  6. Reconnect radio to USB, select USB Storage (SD)
  7. Optionally delete image files you don’t need from images folder of the radios SD card

References: RadioMaster TX16s: Flashing ‘real’ OpenTX into the radio - step by step

Upgrading Multi-Protocol Module

  1. Download latest firmware from: MULTI-Module Firmware Downloads, Choose: RadioMaster TX16S Internal Module (4-in-1), Channel Order: AETR (this is the order I use, yours may be different)
  2. Download bin file and LuaScripts file
  3. Plug RadioMaster TX16S into USB to computer
  4. Copy bin file onto FIRMWARE folder on the Radios SD Card
  5. Copy all .lua files into SCRIPTS, TOOLS folder on Radios SD Card
  6. Eject or unmount SD card, Unplug radio from USB
  7. Press SYS button,press Page> button navigating to: SD-HC CARD menu, [FIRMWARE]
  8. Select the muti-stm-serial-*.bin file with the version you are upgrading to.
  9. Wait for firmware to write, progress bar will show on radio screen

References: Flashing your 4in1 Module (fixing the ‘Module Update Recommended’ message)

Tuning Multi-Protocol Module for Frsky Receiver

Method 1

  1. Press MDL Button
  2. Scroll down to “Internal RF” section
  3. Enable “Low Power Mode” option under “Internal RF”
  4. Place your aircraft a couple of meters away from your radio
  5. Decrease “RF Freq. Fine Tune” until you get a fail-safe Write number down with negative or positive value included
  6. Increase “RF Freq. Fine Tune” until you get a fail-safe Write number down with negative or positive value included
  7. Add the two numbers and divide by two. For example, -39 and 45, (-39+45)/2 = 6/2 = 3
  8. Set “RF Freq. Fine Tune” to the resulting number
  9. Range test your aircraft to be sure you have control from further than before.
  10. Disable “Low Power Mode”
  11. Fly with increased range and without weird close quarters fail safes.

Method 2

  1. Press MDL Button
  2. Scroll down to “Internal RF” section
  3. Enable “Low Power Mode” option under “Internal RF”
  4. Place your aircraft 50 meters or more away from your radio
  5. Set “RF Freq. Fine Tune” to the number that results in the highest RSSI.


Creating Custom Voices

  1. Visit
  2. Select Voice: Olivia (UK) this voice is very close to the stock voice
  3. Download the Chrome Audio Capture extension for Chrome. The programmer Justice Yen seems like a real and decent programmer.
  4. Setup Chrome Audio Capture Chrome extension to record .wav files via Options
  5. Record voice with Chrome Audio Capture
  6. Use Audacity to open file and increase gain match the stock voices
  7. In Audacity Split Stereo to Mono
  8. Set project rate to 32000 Hz
  9. Increase gain to match existing voice file levels
  10. Save the remaining Mono track as a signed 16bit .wav file
  11. Do not add meta-tag data
  12. Transfer file to the SD card in the SOUNDS/en folder on the TX16S Radio


  1. Visit [IBM Watson Text to Speech]
  2. British English (en-GB) Kate V3
  3. Download .aup file
  4. Open in Audacity
  5. Increase gain to +8 dB
  6. Export as signed 16bit wav file
  7. Optionally save your Audacity project file

References: Jumper T16 Making a Custom Sound

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