18. Wildcard week

I loved the idea of softrobots usually robots are made from hard materials however softrobots are made from soft materials such as silicon this means that we can use them as muscles for our application they also have the ability to grip objects. I searched the internet and tryed to follow this website instructions the 3D design was taken from the website.



I started with printing the mold to then fill it with cilicon it took 6 hours to finish.


Then I filled my mold with silicone used in filling water pipes


The silicone was too strong and bonded with the mold so I had to breakthe mold and do everything again with defferent silicone.

So I used the same material we used in week 10 molding and casting The links show the steps and ratios needed.

Then I used the cutter to make a path for the pneumatic system

The pneumatic system

After that I pored a layer of silicone on an aluminum plate, this will form a layer to bond the top side of the object

Before the layer hardens I took the castet object and placed its top on the layer and I added the pneumatic system

Wait for 3 houres then enjoy the soft robot




When I was printing the filamet finished so I had to change the filament and take off the waste printed object. Instead of throwing it I added a thread to all the armes and connected them to a middle hole.


In the future I would like to learn more about Pepakura program


I would like also to try Duaa way of making inflatables