15. Mechanical design

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In this week as a team we will make a machine. We looked for different ideas tell we chose to make a smaller virsion of the 360 automatic car cleaner Video.

We devided the tasks as follow:

Name Work
Zainab Ali 3D Designs
Fatima Jahromi Material , Joints , Fabrication
Ghadeer Alharmi Code + Circuits
Zahra Almukhariq Code + Circuits
Abdullah Albaitam Suppliers , Sketch , Mechanisms


I starter with a simple sketch:

Then I stole my brothers car to take the measurments:

I made a mesured sketch based on the dimensions from the car:


Then I looked for the components needed

Qty Part Name
3 wantai stepper motor “42byghw609”
3 Stepper motor driver
1 Rope
1 Pump
1 pump pipe
4 Nuts
12 Screws
1 Acrylic sheet 10mm
4 Gears
8 Rings
1 Start switch