13. Applications and implications

All cars have one way to indicate breaking and it’s a single color with no indication of how much the car is deselarate. Some drivers use danger lights to indicate a fast slowing traffic to get attention of drivers behind them in the highway. These days many people are busy sometimes with their phones in a traffic jam and don’t notice a sudden stop in traffic and that’s why accidents happen.

Plan Relate the as much as possible week assignments to the final project

What will it do? Help reduce cars accidents

Who’s done what beforehand? Some car comapnies like honda made a system that stops the car when an a radar and a camera sense analyze that accident is going to happen video. Another idea was a system installed in the vehicles so that they can communicate with each other and alert each other when an accident is about to happen video.

What will you design? A simple system that senses the deceldeceleration of our car and alert the rear car driver about the amout of braking pressed by changing the brightness of the braking lights. In addition it will measure the rear distance between our car and the one behind to alert the rear driver on the closeness of his/her car to ours.

What materials and components will be used? How much will they cost?

Qty part name Total Price “$” ‘BHD’ Description
1 ATmega328p-aur “2” ‘0.75’ Microcontroller
1 Crystal 16mhz “0.3” ‘0.1’ Timer
2 Capacitor “0.2” ‘0.075’ 18pF smd for the Crystal “Crystal 16mhz recomended capacitors”
1 Resistor “1” ‘0.38’ per 20pcs 10k ohm for the RST “reset port”
2 LED “2” ‘0.75 per 25pcs Indicator
2 Resistor “1.2” ‘0.45’ 500 ohm for the LEDs
1 Resistor “2” ‘0.75’ 0 ohm jumper
1 2x3 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs AVR ISP SMD
1 1x6 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs Programming pins “FTDI-SMD-HEADERS”
1 1x8 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs Accelerometer board male pins
1 1x2 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs Ultrasonic pins
1 2x2 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs Ultrasonic power and circuit power
1 PCB Circuit Board “1.4” ‘0.53’
External parts
1 1x8 Pin Header “1.5” ‘0.54’ per 10pcs Accelerometer board female pins
1 gy-521 “1.5” ‘0.54’ Accelerometer board
1 Ultrasonic sensor “1” ‘0.38’ Ultrasonic board
6 3 color LEDs “1.2” ‘0.45’ per 100pcs 6 LEDs 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green to indicate the distance level
2 Red LEDs “1.2” ‘0.45’ per 100pcs 2 LEDs to indicate the breaking brightness
1 2m Wires “2” ‘0.75’ Ultrasonic board
TOTAL PRICE “26” ‘9.80’

Where will come from? Most of the electronics are from digikey However some sensors are from local shops.

What parts and systems will be made? I will make a box for the microcontroller with the accelerometer and a power source then the box will be connected with the ultrasonic sensor and the lights using wires all these parts will be in a model of a car I will also make a case for the lights.

What processes will be used? I will use the laser cutter to make the model of the car. After that, using 3D printer I will make a box for the microcontroller with the accelerometer ,then I will cast a case for the lights. I will make my microller using the milling machine and programm it using arduino IDE.

What questions need to be answered? How to program the sensors to controller the light ? What range of G force has the accelerometer be programmed ? What is the safe distance between the cars ?

How will it be evaluated? By trying it in the real world such as to install it inside my car and to hit the breaks easy, medium and hard then to see the breaking lights brightness change. For the ultrasonic system I can set the safe distance to give me green light and as it decresses it should go to the red light.