17. Machine design

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my role

I helped the machanical team to design and create the mechanisms to make the water pipe movement. In addition I was taking the measurments from the shafts, motors and screws diameter to give the dimensions for the mechanical team. Moreover I was making sure that the space of the movement in enough for the car to enter. I also was giving feedback for the mechanical team and ensuring the fast communication between them so we can finish the tasks more efficient. Since I was the team leader I also had to assist the electronic and codeing team when we calibrated the machine in the movement. Furthermore, I was resposible for the pumping unit.


In this week we will cut the parts of our machine which we designed in week15 using the laser cutter then we will assemble them.


We started by cutting the parts in cardboard then cut them in acrylic this would allow us to spot the mistakes before cutting the real parts.


We dicovered that the power and speed of the laser cutter needed to be changed because it did not cut it through. So we incresed the power and decresed the speed to cut through the cardboard.

I was the person responsible to take the measurments and I took them wrong by 2mm off so we changed the desighn according to the practical measurments.

Then we started cutting and assembling the parts.

We found that the steps was not accurate so we changed the “V carve sheild” steps by adding jumpers in the right position as shown.

Then we tested the machine by plot test.

After that I installed the pumping system to pump water to wash the car.