Daniela Frogheri

daniela frogheri

About me:
Born in Nuoro (Italy), since 2013 based in Monterrey (México), where I am full profesor of the Department of Architecture at the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), and one of the founders and researchers of the Fab Lab Monterrey.

I spent the first part of my life in Italy, where I lived until my bachelor’s degree. After graduating, I stayed for a time in Los Angeles, where I worked with Marcos Lutyens in projects of research, digital art and set design; then I moved to Barcelona, where I lived from 2006 until 2013, continuing with my academic studies and at the same time, developing an important part of my professional career as a designer and architect, in collaboration continues with Fernando Meneses, Guallart Architects, the IAAC, through research work and projects in Spain, for the city of Barcelona through the “Ayuntament de Barcelona”, and in a many parts of the world. Now, in the UDEM, with the team of our Fab Lab and involving my students, I am dedicating my time in continuing with advanced and researches projects.

Engineer-Architect: Universitá degli Studi di Cagliari, Cagliari (Italy)
Master in Genetics Architectures and Biodigital: UIC, Barcelona (Spain)
Master in Advanced Architectures: IAAC, Barcelona (Spain)
Candidate PhD in Visual Communication in Design and Architecture: UPC, Barcelona (Spain)

Contact: daniela.frogheri@gmail.edu

How to make (almost) anything: Fab Academy 2015

My first contact with the digital world began during the last years of university, when I started to researching on the relationship between space form and the unconscious, but in reality I can say that the real meeting with the concept of “make”, “make anything … almost” and “make it yourself” and the world in continuous exponential evolution of the tools of this “make”, has taken place in my life, and it is widely developed in Barcelona, where I could directly apply these concepts and technologies to a large number of research and real-world projects. In my current work at the UDEM, both in the activities that I do as a teacher and researcher, both in the Fab Lab MTY, the route that I already begun, now is extended from the simple use of advanced technologies of the “making”, also to the development of their tools and to their transmission. My participation in the Fab Academy, surely will give to me valuable new tools to be able in develop new ideas and works, strengthen those already initiated, but rather than anything else, to share and transmit them.


Here, during the next 19 weeks, I will expose step by step the project that I am developing for this Fab Academy 2015.