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Kazutoshi Tsuda

17. invention, intellectual property, and income (May 21, 2014)

Develop a plan for dissemination of my final project

The purpose of my final project is to combine open digital design and local common resources.
I envision that my final project will function as the materials for learning the ABCs of:
as well as the ABCs of digital fabrication, through making it.

Therefore, I have started researching how to record and share the knowledge with others. Some examples are here:

How to make a straw rope in Shinjo, Okayama, Japan (Apr 21)

The process of making straw rope, by my grandmother Miyoko Tsuda.

How to make a bamboo basket in Kandangan, Jawa, Indonesia (Mar 20)

Drying bamboo poles under sunshine.

Making thin bamboo strips in front of the house.

A bamboo weaving pattern.

Weaving bamboo baskets.

One of our neighborhood organization, remo (NPO record, expression, and medium organization) has developed the simple rules that anyone can play with recording on, through participating in the workshop.

Photo of the booklet "The ABCs of Knock-Knock Scope"

The method named “Knock-Knock Scope” consists of two parts: shooting and viewing. Three rules for shooting include:
On the other hand, Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory has developed the new type of table termed Fab Table that we can record and project handworks.

I am trying to apply these ways to my final project, and we will continue to research this theme after the Fab Academy 2014. In this summer, we plan to participate in the exhibition "MEDIA/ART KITCHEN YAMAGUCHI: Open Call Laboratory - An Exploration into Social Anthropology in Asia", will be held from Jul 5 to Sep 28, as a joint research planning with YCAM regional research lab. We will try to share how making anything using bamboo in collaboration with others.

Bamboo grove in Yamaguchi, Japan (May 26, 2014).

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