Welcome to Marina's class archive

I enjoy to research the boundaries of my profession; the conservation of objects

Week 1 (Jan.19)
Principles and practices
Week 2 (Jan.26)
Project management Mercurial & SeaMonkey
Week 3 (Feb 2)
computer-aided design final project ideas (building a 3D scanner)
Week 4 (Feb 9)
Computer-controlled cutting
press fit constructions
Week 5 (Feb 16)
Electronics production
making the circuit board
Week 6 (Feb 23)
computer-controlled machining something big
Week 7 (Mar 2)
electronics design
hello world
Week 8 (Mar 9)
3D molding and casting Wine glass
Week 9 (Mar 16)
embedded programming  red, yellow and a switch
Week 10 (Mar 23)
3D scanning and printing lion
Week 11 (Mar 30)
interface and application programming whistling monkey
Week 12 (Apr 6)
input devices heart rate jewel
Week 13 (Apr 13)
Week 14 (Apr 20) output devices Charlieplexing
Week 15 (Apr 27)
embedded networking and communications Hello bus & hello radio
Week 16 (May 4)
machine design MTM snap
Week 17 (May 11)
digital fabrication applications and implications
Week 18 (May 18)
invention, intellectual property, and business models hello jewel
Week 19 (May 25)
digital fabrication project development
Week 20 (June 1)
final project presentations

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