# Week 01: Principles and practices / Project management

The beginning. Making my a web site HEC-FAB. To learn html and git concepts. Thinking about proyects.

# Week 02: Computer Aided design

2D and 3D design. Imagens, convert raster to vector. Digital design.

# Week 03: Computer controlled cutting

This week features the characterization of the material by laser cutting, the parametric design with some examples and the vinyl cutting.

# Week 04: Electronics production

Learn the soldering of electronic components. Also, fabrication of a programmer using milling techniques.

# Week 05: Scanning and printing

Week 5 is dedicated to the use of 3D scanners and the use of additive manufacturing through 3D printing.

# Week 06: Electronics design

Week dedicated to the design of electronic circuits, knowing its rules, programming and measurements with measuring instruments.

# Week 07: Computer controlled machining

Week dedicated to doing "something big" using milling techniques. Grooving techniques will be used to try to join the milled parts.

# Week 08: Embedded programming

Hello Board programming week, testing with Arduino and Platform IO.

# Week 09: Mechanical Design, Machine Design

This week we have created a 3-axis machine. A milling machine with 3D printed parts and acrylic material.

# Week 10: Input devices

Week dedicated to testing sensors and inputs for the microcontroller that we use in the Final Project. In my case they are the ESP32.

# Week 11: Molding & Casting

Learning the techniques to make a mold and cast materials to make parts.

# Week 12: Output Devices

Week to dedicate to the outputs that can be used with the microcontroller used in the Final Project, in my case with the ESP32.

# Week 13: Networking and Communications

This week I am going to work on the communication of ESP32 on the network, with bluethooth and with the WiFi module.

# Week 14: Interface and Application Programming

Week dedicated to the creation of control environments that may be useful for the Final Project.

# Week 15: Wildcard Week

These days I will work on the thermoforming technique.

# Week 16: Applications and Implications

Week to think about the final preparations for the final project. Preparation of the list of materials, plan, choice of manufacturing processes ...

# Week 17: Invention, Intellectual Property

Choice of the type of license for the Final Project. Also preparation of the Slide and the presentation video.

# Week 18: Proyect Development

GiveMe Tronics, the automatic dispenser of electronic components.

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Fab Week Check

Doing week by week

  • Week 01: Principles and practices / Project management
  • Week 02: Computer Aided design
  • Week 03: Computer controlled cutting
  • Week 04: Electronic production
  • Week 05: Scanning and printing
  • Week 06: Electronic design

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