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Fusion 360

I’ve been using Fusion 360 for a while now but after all these complicated way of 3D designing, comming back to a pretty interface is very pleasant ! Fusion 360 is a PDM solution. A Product design manager is a piece of software which provide a whole set of tools to manage your design process. Fusion 360 is divided into different workspace : - 3D design - Realistic rendering - Generative design - Animation - Multiphysics simulation - 2D Drawing

Each workspace have a set of tools and usage. We will use the 3D design environment and the rendering workspace today.

As with freecad I started by creating a sketch…

Tips : One things I very like in fusion, is a ability to place a transparent canvas in the workspace. It is not very reliable in terms of dimension. But it can help handling the missing value of the drawing. I use the official drawing of the nema 23 I have to have the correct dimensions.

After a few extrusion, I finaly design the whole motor. I design the body based on the drawing dimensions, and I added a few reference surface by mesurment with a caliper.

I added small colored wired to keep wiring in mind during the asssembly process. Here is how it look :

I applied realistic material to create this beautiful render

I also work on my final project by designing a prototype of the harmonic drive. I made this amnimation to show each step of design :

Here is the final prototype and its inner view ;

Oh ! And I made a simple animation. But I didn’t find a propoer way to display the flexspline deformation wave … I need using a dynamic deformation simulation to do so…


You can find all my 3D files here :

Last update: September 23, 2021