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13. Applications and implications

My proposal for the final project.

For you, my project can be a little bit weird. However, I consider it really important for the philosophy of DIY. And I hope it can make FabLab community even bigger. I believe that my project can inspire more people to become a creator and believe in their abilities.

There is a huge community of people in this world that smoke different kind of medical herbs. Some kinds of these herbs make people think differently. Sometimes it inspires creativity in these people. However, a significant amount of this power of creativity goes nowhere. People simply waste it. They dream, but their dreams require an intention to do. People, often do not believe in themselves. They do not think that they can learn programming, product development or create something in-material and beautiful.

I want to give these people some direction. I hope they will like my project. I hope that they will desire to have this device. I hope they wish to repeat my product. And if they wish, they will do it and learn a lot of things that they have not even imagine before. What do I want to get? The main goal for me is to gather some people around the project amd to create a team of fab people that will be inspired by it. The team that will improve this device. So, we can work together and make it even cooler. We can create the best vaporizer, and we can promote Fab Community and DIY philosophy to people that are into this subject.

So, what question do I ask people that will be inspired? I will ask them: How can you improve it?

What is it?

My final project is Herbal Vaporizer, that will help people to consume their medical herbs.

What is the opportunity?

Most of the devices on the market provide ether conduction or ether convection heating of herbs. I want to create a device that will allow users to combine both of these ways. User should have different options to set up the temperature level for each heater.

How to resolve it? The chamber for herbs should have two ways of heat. The walls of the chamber should provide a high temperature. It will be conduction heating. Also, the coming air that goes through herbs should be heated with the heating coil. It will be convection heaing.

In the following part, I will answer the questions that were provided for our assignment.

What will it do?

This device will let the user consume medical herbs.

Who has done what beforehand?

I do not understand this question. But I guess it means, what products are on the market currently? There are many manufacturers that provide many similar products on the market. Here is the picture of one of these devices.

What materials and components will be required?

It will require using non-toxic materials. Plastic and plywood for the body of the device. Ceramic for heating chamber. Drystone (maybe) for airflow channels.

Where will they come from?

Most of the materials we have in the Lab. But I need to buy ceramic on local websites.

How much will it cost?

There is only one part that makes this project costly. This part is ceramic, which costs around 50 dollars for peace that is enough to create one heating chamber. However, I hope other people, who will find my project cool will create a better solution.

What parts and systems will be made and what processes will be used?

The scope of the project is simple. But the student can learn a lot of things. I machine ceramic on CNC to create heating chamber. I will do molding and casting to create a part for airflow. I will user 3d printing and laser cutting to create the body of the device. I will create an electronic board and connect input and output devices to control the heating regimes.

What tasks need to be completed?

I and those who want to repeat my project will learn how to design things, how to solder electronic boards and program it, how to use different machines to create parts, how to assemble the device and make it work.

What other questions need to be answered?

How can other people improve it?

What is the schedule?

I hope that I will finish each part of the project in one week.

How will it be evaluated?

Working device should look nice and produce vapor from herbs with different temperature regimes.

These pictures are parts of the device that I have already designed.

Heating chamber

The part of heating chamber made of glass-ceramic

The video with some ceramic parts

Battery holder