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1. Principles and practices

The goal for the first week was: Plan and sketch a potential final project, graduated students.

I came up with the idea of a portable vaporizer for medical marijuana. The portable vaporizer will allow consuming herbals in a discreet way without being noticeable from other people.

The consumers of the tool are the people that use marijuana for medical purposes.

The vaporizer is not my invention. However, I see some potential for improving the usability of such tools. For example, my vaporizer will allow the person to chose the mode of vape production. There are two major ways of vape production: convection heating of the substance and conduction heating. Most of the portable vaporizers support only one mode.

With my vaporizer, the user can choose vape production with both conduction and convection heating or utilize these modes separately. Moreover, the user can adjust the temperature of the airflow to get different quality of vape.

The general view

The inner scheme and the scheme of the heating chamber