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This page is the top page of my final project showing an overview of the project.


My final project is a mobile robot for research activities in the railway industry. Due to the aging society in Japan, decreasing the number of workers is expecting in the Japanese railway industry. If this issue is kept letting lie, stable and safe operations in the railway industry cannot be kept. Then, as one of the solutions, the industry is planning to introduce robotics devices into operational fields for both customers and our workers.


Mechanical components

100mm Omnidirectional wheels X4
Wheel hub X4
M3 screws
Hexagon socket head cap screws M3 X8
Acrylic board(300X450) X4

Output device

DC motor (TAMIYA) X4
A4953 motor driver X4
Capacitor 10uF X4
Capacitor 0.1uF X4
Pin header(2X1) X6

Input device

HC-SR04 X4
ATtiny44 X4
Resistor 10kΩ X4
Resistor 1kΩ X4
Capacitor 1.0uF X4
Resonator 20Hz X4 LED X4
Pin header(1X6) X4
Pin header (2X3) X4
Pin header (1X4) X4 Pin header (1X2) X4


HC05 X1

Future work

  • An arm robot would be mounted tp grasp something
  • Add some sensors to make this robot run automatically