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1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Final Project Idea

Current draft idea of my final project is arm robot (manipulator) on a mobile platform.
Main features and function of this project are shown as following.
- The arm robot will have a camera and a robotic hand.
- Ultra sonic sensors will be euqipped for distance sensor.
- Mobile platform will have omni wheels for flexible movement.
- The robot will be controlled from remote place.

Input information will be commands for the robot like “directions for movement” and “grasping” and these commands will be served through many kinds of user interfaces. And the camera on the robot will capture secenes in front of the robot and send the images or movies to the users to make the users be abole to realize where the robot is.
Examples of potential applicatioon of this project are described in below skecth.

Previous work

My final project was raised from my previous project during my studing abroad. In the previous project, the mobile robot with gripper was controlled through user’s commands generated by user’s head gestures captured OpenCV methods. Because I would like to create more sophisticated design robot for the work, I chose the above draft idea as mu final project in the fabacademy.

Schedule for this project

  1. Week3: Computer Aided design
    • Start to design arm robot (This may be one of the important tasks of this project,so I will take time more than one week. )
  2. Week4: Computer controlled cutting
    • Create a base of mobile platform
  3. Week5: Electronics production
    • Start to create basic board to control motors used for the robot
  4. Week6: 3D Scanning and printing
  5. Week7: Electronics design
    • Create Electronics design
  6. Week8: Computer controlled machining
  7. Week9: Embedded programming
  8. Week10: Molding and casting
  9. Week11: Input devices
  10. Week12: Output devices
  11. Week13: Applications and implications
  12. Week14: Networking and communications
  13. Week15: Mechanical design
  14. Week16: Interface and application programming
  15. Week17: Machine design
  16. Week18: Wildcard week
  17. Week19: Invention, intellectual property and income
  18. Week20: Project development