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2. Project management

This week I learned basic tools to managae my projects and assignments through fabacademy 2019.



To use git, I used Bash on Ubuntu on Windows that has been already installed in my laptop. Firstly I typed “apt-get git” following Calss archive,but I could not install git. Then I googled other web page to install git and found this page. When I tried command “sudo apt-get install git”, I succeeded in installing git.

Setting Up

By following the web page created by Mr.Yuichi Tamiya who is my local instructor, I tried several commands to set up my git environment.
(1) Local Identity

(2) Copying and pasting

(3)Checking SSH ley

(4)Cloning my local repository into my laptop

(5)Updating new file( into my Gitlab

From the above results, pushing new file ( into my gitlab account was completed.

Personal web page

I started to edit my personal web page by editing template files in gitlab.
First of all, I modified mkdocs.yml a little bit.

- site_name: Kota Tomaru
- site_description: My Fabacademy site  
- site_author: Kota Tomaru  

-  palette:  
    primary: "red"  
    accent: "red"  

Next, I edited both files for Top page and About me page.
- Top page
- About me

Moreover, I started to learn HTML and CSS to create my web page from the begining by the end of the fabacademy. My learning material is online cource Progate.

To edit my WEB page, I use MarkdownPad2.