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About me

This page desccribes about my bacgrounds.

My background

Career Experience

I have been working as an engineer and resercher in EastJapan Railway Company(JRE) for 8years (since Apri 2011).
My current job title is Researcher(since Jun 2018).
Main tresearch topics are
1:Appling CBM(Condition Based Maintenance) methods to train control equipment to prevent equipment failure beforehand.
2:Introducing robotic devices for inspection of train control equipment in both indoor and outside fields


New York University Tandon school of Engineering (Sep 2016~ May 2018)
M.S degree in Mechatronics and robotics with employer’s fully sponsorship

Univetisy of Tokyo(Apr 2009~Mar 2011)
Master of Informational Science and Technology

Tohoku University(Apr 2005~Mar 2009)
Bachelor of mechanical and aerospace engineering


Railway Engineering(Signal system to control trains),Robotics,Mechatronics

If you have more interesing about my background, please see my LinkedIn page here:

Motivation to participate FabAcademy