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Applications and Implications

The scope of this week is to answer critical questions regarding the final project, considering the requirements.

What will it do?

My goal is to build a Electric Go Kart. This go kart is going to be very powerful and fast, but also robust. To minimize the weight of it I decided to build the frame out of wood, reinforcing it with some kind of fiber and epoxy resin. Moreover I plan on having an automatic steering system using a potentiometer and two brushless elektromotors. The Kart is also going to have a locking system. In addition if I will have enough time, I am also going to make the helmet for it, since the Go Kart is going to be pretty fast.

Who's done what beforehand?

A big inspiration is drawn from a guy on Youtube how build his own Electric Go-Kart

What will you design?

I am going to work on this project with Hakan Zayin, another Fab Acadamey student. We are going to split every thing, in order that each of us is working with all the materials and machines. For instance someone will design the basic frame of the Go Kart, meanwhile the other one will design the inside of it, where the seat, steering wheel etc. is placed. Since we are still experimenting with different kind of materials, we haven't decided yet entirely on who does what.

What materials and components will be used?

Plywood, Fiber, Epoxy Resin, Brushless Electromotors, Potentiometer, Car Battery, ESC Controller, Gears with Chain.

Where will they come from?

The components mentioned above can be purchased from large components retailers such as Alien Power System and Conrad or large online markets such as Ebay. The missing components come from the Fab Academy stock. Moreover everything that we are able to produce on our own like for example the gears, we will produce.

How much will it cost?

We decided to by high quality electronic components. the bruschless motrs are from Alien Power. One costs 45 euro. The car baterry costs 60 euro. Two sheets of popular plywood cost 50 euro. Then we will have to buy some gears anch chains the costs for this will be about 60 euro. In total I think that it is going to cost arund 500 - 600 euro.

What parts and systems will be made?

The main parts of the system that are intended to be made inside the lab are:

  • PCB's (printed circuit board): to drive the motor, for the locking system.
  • Molding and Casting: wheels, seat, pedals, steering wheel, gears, helmet, frame.
  • CNC Machine: press and fit construction for the frame.
  • What processes will be used?

    Different parts of the system involve different processes:

  • Creating the PCB to drive the Go Kart: CNC milling, Electronic Design & Production.
  • Frame: CNC milling, Computer-Controlled Machining.
  • Wheels, Gears, Steering: Molding and Casting.
  • Communication between motors and steering: Embedded Programming.
  • What questions need to be answered?

    Some crytical design questions need to be answered:

  • How much power/torque do we need?
  • What kind of fiber can we use to minimize the costs and still get a robust frame?
  • How do we recharge the battery?
  • How do we create the wheels?
  • Will an automatic steering system cause a lot of friction?
  • How to reuse the energy lost by braking?
  • How will it be evaluated?

    The evaluation will be according to the final interaction desired to achieve, meaning to primary have the Go Kart run and move without any problems.