What is the deadline? And how much time do I have left?

My presentation is Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 8 am. I have two weeks for the final presentation.

What tasks have been completed and what tasks are left?

I have the design defined and drawings in Autodesk Inventor ready.I already tested the mdf and tested the tolerances and corrected some measurements. The prototype is ready.I already have .stl files for media and peoples. I have to print the files. I still have to do tests of the structure part, design and program the motors and the button for the operation of the Drink Mixing Machine.

What have you worked for?

I set the DC motors since it had the final structure made in assigment 8.

I was also passing the hoses with which they filtered the liquid, and the glass was served.

I tested with an external source to see the effectiveness of the engines.

What hasn’t work?

What has not worked? I can not place a lcd black light screen because I had few pins in my fabduino and for a short time. I liked to improve it as a personal project, since a screen would have served me a lot for a visualization and consumer help, and complement it with the assigment of INTERFACE AND APPLICATION PROGRAMMING

What questions need to be resolved?

In what time is it achieved fill the glass?

How much liquid can be dispensed?

What will happen when?

If all of the above questions were answered and a larger budget was available, it would be possible to get level 100% of result.

What have you learned?

Basic electronics knowledge. Making board. Basic programming Application creation and scheduliBng Knowledge of new machines like 3D printer, model, Shopbot, Laser Machine (Epilog)