What will it do?

A Drink Mixing Machine will be designed, which has a structure designed and original design. This machine will prepare drinks instantly and dispenses other types of non-alcoholic beverages, through which the machine will talk to the client, offering the different beverages it offers and the client will be able to tell him which was his choice. It can also be controlled by an application and manually.

Who’s done what beforehand?

The basic design is quite main Chris Rohal student of How to Make (almost) Anything created a Fab Bar that used more or less the same principles of my project, but on a basic structure. The idea is create a dinamic machine that interact with the persons.

You can access the final assignment of which I am guided by clicking on the bullet point.

  • Fab Bar
  • What will you design?

    I will design the main structure part with the Autodesk Inventor program. The machines will also be used to cut the pieces and print some pieces. The programming for the operation of the machine will also be designed.

    What materials and components will be used?

    It will be used for the 3 mdf main structure, which will be cut with the Epilog Cutter. For the mechanical part, the 3D printer will also be used, in which some supports for the motors and other accessories will be printed. For the electronic part the Bluetooth module will be used to control the application that allows to control the motors, also the construction of the board (Fabduino), led lights, valves, bridge h, general wiring,

    Where will come from?

    For the electronic part, some parts are imported, such as: motors, led lights, board.

    How much will they cost?

    A final estimate has not yet been made. Although most of the materials that will be used will be supplied by Fab Lab Esan. I don’t think it exceeds $ 100 of the stipulated budget for the final project of the Fab Academy. In case less, I would like to use the total budget to perform tests and get a better performance and finish.

    What parts and systems will be made?

    Most of the components will be manufactured and assembled using laboratory materials, machines and tools, as well as the 3D printer and laser cutter. It will only be bought engines, valves (which will help to serve the drink).

    What processes will be used?

    For the project, the following processes are required:

    • Computer Assisted Design: Design all necessary parts, mainly with Autodesk Inventor.
    • Computer-controlled machining: For cutting large pieces of MDF.
    • Electronic Design and Production: To make electronic parts.
    • 3D Printing: To print the unique pieces needed for the project.
    • Programming: To program everything from the plates to the interfaces and the construction of the application.

    What questions need to be answered?

    The main concerns would be: * How to achieve a good mechanism to serve the drink? * Will the supports get good finish for the structure? * Will there be friction in some parts of the structure? * How to design the complete electronic configuration? * How will all inputs and outputs be programmed to operate the system?

    How will it be evaluated?

    I’m not really sure how to fully respond to this at this stage. But it is possible through some indicators that indicate that the project is executed as it was thought:

    Mechanism (serve drink) work very well, it is not expected to work perfectly because some of the materials are not ideal for construction. It should run as expected, if the schedule is correct. Also the part of the programming must work correctly and with the application.

    What tasks do you need to complete?

    • This part begins with the design of the main structure and mechanical parts, which is the main stage.
    • The design and production of electronic parts.
    • Programming
    • The purchase of some components such as the engine, valves.
    • Make the small joint components that will be used at the time of assembly.
    • Mount all the pieces.
    • Test and adjustment.

    What is the schedule?

    The timetable for completing the project is as follows: * Current Week: Carry out the mechanical pending designs that are necessary to principal structure, also cut in MDF and make the mechanism of how the Drink Mixing Machine system would work. * Next week: Perform the programming by building some plates as they were made previously, then proceeds to pogramar next to make the application. * Final week: End the schedule. Test and make adjustments.