Measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you have designed and read it


First I were guided of this board that is on the page of the fabacademy. I drew the board in Eagle Program

In the clearence option was placed 16 mill, by the reference of the size of wood milling cutter that will be used.

I used the width 16 because it does not use a lot of voltage.

I exported the milling part in png format (600dpi)


Also to be able to milling the plate, I used of the Roland Modela Machine

Then, I opened the PNG file, in the software of the MODELA, opened the terminal and mill the design on a copper blad board.

Before, I put the parameters in the Fab Modules to have a good milling. I opened the Fab Modules I chose the process of mill (.rml) in which input is image (.png)

I started with the rough (traces 1/64),.It is important to modify the parameter of Path error (pixel) which by default is 1.1 and it is changed to 0.1

I continued with the finish process (outline 1/32)

We can see the milling of the board

Then I soldered the board with the materials provided by the Fab Lab Esan.


To burn the bootloader, I need to identify the port in wich the FTDI cable was pluged,

Then in the tool tab, begin to set the information, board, processor, port.

Also, For this assignment I used the USBasp recorder because my isp recorder did not work

I did this programming because my board could not transmit serial communication in the Arduino, so I used a led to activate communication

which consisted,the ultrasound detects an obstacle in less than 15 cm, it activates the led, otherwise it goes out

Explaining the code



You can see the video

You can download the files by clicking on the bullets point.