The objective of this assignment was to plan my final project, which will be developed with the skills learned in each week.


a. My instructor told us to think about a project that we like, which includes the tools that will be used during the course and to sketch it.

b. I started to investigate different projects, which gave me ideas for my final project, these were:

  • Cocktail Mixing Robot
  • Barbot Mixes Drinks
  • Drink Dispensing Machine
  • c. I answered these 4 questions, which were of great importance for the realization of this project.

    What is the project idea?

    This project consists of making a self-taught machine that prepares drinks instantly and dispenses other types of non-alcoholic beverages, through which the machine will talk to the client, offering the different beverages it offers and the client will be able to tell him which was his choice. It can also be controlled by an application and manually.

    What is the problem that helps solve?

    In most distribution centers, retailers, you could taste different drinks so that the customers can feel satisfied with the service provided and also know more about the products offered.

    What is the motivation?

    In most distribution centers need an improvement in the customer service attention, also products will be known in the didactic way with the manufacture of intelligent machines

    What features does it has?

    • Easy to use machine and access for the tasting of certain products.
    • Interactive machine (customer can interact with the machine)
    • Machine will work by application and manually.

    Schedule - Diagram Gantt