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13. Applications and implications


Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:

  • What will it do?
  • Who’s done what beforehand?
  • What will you design?
  • What materials and components will be used?
  • Where will come from?
  • How much will they cost?
  • What parts and systems will be made?
  • What processes will be used?
  • What questions need to be answered?
  • How will it be evaluated?
  • Your project should incorporate 2D and 3D design, additive and subtractive fabrication processes, electronics design and production, microcontroller interfacing and programming, system integration and packaging
  • Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project

Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable


This week I’m going to make a masterpiece that integrates the range of units my project will cover.

What will it do ?

My project is to make an autonomous boat able to sense it’s environment in order to navigate on its own. It will be a platform to teach engineering topics to my students. They will learn by doing some reverse engineering and by proposing some improvements in my design using the fablab tools.

There are four main aspects in the whole system :

  • I need to make a Boat

  • I need an integrated navigation system :

    • The motor control
    • The sense system
  • I need a user interface

  • I need an energy management system

I’ll make the whole project but for the scope of fabacademy, I’ll focus on making the boat and make a system so it navigates straight.

Who’s done what beforehand ?

From previous years / online documentation

Things have been done on boats :

Things have been done on navigation systems :

From this year

  • Italo from CIT lab is making a boat focused on the plastic disposal system
  • Antonio from FCT lab is making a boat focused on safety management

We are in touch with Antonio, I’ll focus on the navigation system and he’ll make a system to protect the boat if water goes in.

What will you design ?

  • The whole boat :

    • The hull
    • The mold to make the hull
    • The skeleon of the boat as a PressFitKit
    • The cabin of the boat as a PressFitKit
    • The fixations for the waterwings and the motor
  • The boatduino board :

    • Powered by an Atmega328p
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • FTDI connectivity
    • I2C connecivity
    • 2 DC motors connectivity
    • Embbeded MPU6050 and L293DD H bridge

What materials and components will be used and where will they come from and how much will they cost ?

Mecanical components :

  • 3D printer filament :
  • Beech wood :
  • Cardboard :
  • Foam :
  • Resin :
  • Jute Fiber : ciby tech

Electronic components :

  • All components :
Qty Description Price Link Notes
1 PLA Filament 39.60 € makershop
1 5mm beech wood 17.42 € SMbois 0.7 m²
4 50mm Foam 18.62 € A4 technologies
1 Burlab XX € cibytex
1 SR GreenPoxy 56 48.60 € Sicomin 0.5L needed
1 Atmega328p 1.21 € Mouser
1 LSM6DS33TR 2.55 € Mouser
1 MPU6050 6.37 € Mouser
XX Electronic components XX Mouser

What parts and systems will be made using what process ?

I’ll 3D design and 2D desgin the whole boat using Fusion 360.

I’ll make the Hull by 3D Machining in foam to make a mold. I’ll then lasercut some burlab to fit my mold and pour some resine in it.

I’ll make the cabin and the skeleton using the lasercuter in wood or cardboard.

I’ll use the 3D printer for casing the PCB, the motors and the water wings.

I’ll make all the PCB using the lasercutter and soldered all the components.

What questions need to be answered ?

Will the DC motors have enough power our should I use brushless motors and triple h-bridges ?

How will it be evaluated ?

My system will work if the boat is able to correct its navigation and go straight.

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