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2. Project management

This week I worked on understanding web development through MKDocs and Version Control in Git.


  • Learn Git and Version Control
  • Use GitLab
  • Customize your web page.


I started immediately to work in my local repository, following the instruction provided in the Git book of Fab Academies Archives. As a summary this are the steps you have to go through:

1.- Install Git in your computer.

2.- Configurate you user name and email: git config –global “Example Name” and git config –global “”.

3.- Initiate Git in your local folder: git init.

4.- Clone the repository: git clone http direction of your project.

5.- I created a new branch in order to be sure my changes are working before modifiying the master branch: git branch “New branch name”.

6.- To change branch: git checkout “Branch you want to use”.

7.- Now I started modifying my web page.

8.- Every time I finished, checked how the web was looking locally (I will explain this later).

9.- When the changes are finished, I staged them: git add ..

10.- Commit the changes, so there can be seen by everybody: git commit -m “Your text explaining the changes”.

12.- Merge your branch with the master branch: git merge “the branch you want to merge”. Its important that you are in the master branch when merging to branches.

11.- Upload the changes to the Gitlab repository: git push origin master.

Problems with SSH key

I had some problems with my ssh key, when I tried to communicate with GitLab I received the following error:

Permission denied (publickey)

In useful links I posted a conversation in the forum where they fixed it. I fixed it using Jim Tilson’s advice:

Problems pushing my work to GitLab

When I cloned the GitLab repository into the I received the following error:

fatal 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository - fatal Could not read from remote repository.

To fix this, you have to manually create the origin to your remote repository just use the command: git remote add origin “Your repos direction”


I wanted to see locally how my web page was looking, before merging the branches. In order to do this, I just installed MKDocs in my computer and use the command:

mkdocs serve

You will receive an answer like this:

INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 190129 14:14:35 server:298] Serving on
[I 190129 14:14:35 handlers:59] Start watching changes
[I 190129 14:14:35 handlers:61] Start detecting changes
[I 190129 14:14:48 handlers:132] Browser Connected:
[I 190129 14:17:56 watcher:92] Running task: <function serve.<locals>.builder at 0x04069540> (delay: None)
INFO    -  Building documentation...
[I 190129 14:17:59 handlers:92] Reload 1 waiters: C:\Users\j_tom\Desktop\Fab_Academy\Repo4\docs\images\MKDocs.jpg

Then you can open your page in your browser, without uploading it into GitLab, as you can see in the following image: