The students

Edwin Alvarez

Engineer in industrial electronics, Professor at the University of Lima. Likes archery and would love to participate in the Olympics

Danny Cotera

Architecture student at the University of Lima, He also studies civil engineering at the PUCP, Likes creating complex organic structures and play videogames.

Italo Pratolongo

Recently graduate as a bachellor in industrial engineering at the University of Lima. Would like to pursue a career in innovation and technology. Likes building prototypes with Arduino and videogames.

Group Assignments

Our Team

With a wide variety of professional backgrounds, our team seeks that our students have the best experience throughout the development of the Fab Academy program.

Industrial engineer, Fab Academy Graduate and current Instructor of the Fab Academy program. He performs as a professor at the faculty of Engineering and Architecture at our university. He has one year experience as instructor

- Alejandro Otazu Local Instructor.

Electronics and automation technician, he is responsible for the availability of the machines and the managment of the resources at our Fab Lab. He has also worked with multiple groups of the Fab Academy Program.

- Jaime Sueno Technician and Lab Assistant