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IR GIF Cam (Work in Progress)

For testing some of the things I have been learning I thought that would be cool to take an old project that was abandoned and try to remake it. In this case is a IR GIF Cam, a project that began with a problem a friend had that was making cool GIFs in his party but the lights weren’t good for this. It would take a lot of flashes to do it with a normal camera. Also, making this based in a Raspberry Pi gives us the condition to upload to a little server on the go. The GIFs are automatically uploaded to another Raspberry Pi that shows the last 10 GIFs in a screen and have an open address to anyone who wants to download the animations.

Version R00

By the time I did this project I had no access to a 3D printer so all of the components were exposed.


You can see all of the design steps in my Weekly Assignment 05.


This images were taken in complete darkness.