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14. Mechanical Design

• Group assignment: Make a machine, including the end effector, build the passive parts and operate it manually.

Group assignment


Josep Marti, Felipe Santos, Alberto Lopez, Diar Amin, Gustavo Abreu, Juan Carlos.

After some conversation and research we chose to built an automatic 3D Scanner Machine. You can find the page for our machine here.

Individual part

Research / Early Design

For our 3D Scanner Machine I did part of the research for the components that we could use. We looked through parts we had in the lab, parts we saw on other machines and components and mechanisms that we already had used in past projects.

I started the first designs so we could discuss how it should work:

Then I started a 3D model in Sketchup so we could have better references. I measured the parts we already had with a caliper and scaled it in the model to have a base:

We developed more the parts, polished to make it fit, exported in .stl and printed the first tests:


I also took some pictures and videos for the documentation.