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0. Principles and practices

• Individual assignment: Plan and sketch a potential final project.


For my Fab Academy’s final project I’m planning to do an art installation. This is a scaled model of an old idea that comes from the concept of having a room that could mimic the weather of any place you choose. To make it more “fabable” I’m scaling the room to a smaller object.

Art installations usually are three dimensional objects or environments that aims to explore the boundaries of sensory, narrative, space and/or time. In this case doing a representation of nature inside the human built space becomes an invitation to think about how we are living in this man designed places. In times that is a common thing working 10 hours in a place where you don’t have a clue of how is the weather outside it is important to question our link with nature.

I’d like to have the possibility of implanting it on a very remote place and at the same time to be possible to have it indoors.

As other types of art it is made for everyone to enjoy and take their own conclusions about the concept/object.


I’m still planning on how I’ll be doing this but I sketched a diagram to start prototyping:

From Fab Academy I can learn more on how to do the Inputs (using networks), making my own PCB to accommodate all the electronics, making a case to put everything together (probably with CNC or laser cutter) and the code for making it output something.

Possible Materials:


  • Plywood, Pipes, Acrylic.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero W, ESP8266, LoRa WAN module, GPS module, Neopixels (ws2811), Water pump, Power supply 12v5a, Fog machine.