About Me

  • Full Name:Eduardo Cartagena
  • Phone:+593 997931165
  • Email:educartagena1991@gmail.com

Hello There!

I am Electronics & Communications Engineer with solid experience in digital manufacturing processes and prototyping. Currently I am working as technical advisor and leader of technological projects linked to FABLAB YACHAY. I have experience programming embedded systems, control and automation systems, electronic design, micro welding, PCB design, operation of computerized numerical control machinery, Internet of things, 2D design, 3D, mobile applications. I was also a consultant in several technology-based projects which have had successful participation in national and international events.

I am a passionate person for my profession and my work that discovered the fabulous world of the fablabs the year before and I see in the FAB ACADEMY a good opportunity to learn and strengthen my knowledge in digital manufacturing processes and prototyping

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