Week One

This was our first week in fabacademy program, Neil introduced us gave us a basic insight of the program and its potential. As the first weeks assignment neil asked us to find a potential Final project and to sketch it.

The very first idea for my project was to make a robotic prosthetic hand using EMG. On further research, I found that there were many open source projects on the same topic and the designs were already available.But I wanted to design one myself so going through some Research papers I started working on my intial sketches. Working on a few sketches I understood that it was a rather complex process to design it from scratch and the fact it involved only one process "3D printing" really disturbed me. I wanted a fun, easy going project in which I can use the maximum out of fab lab.So, after these initial sketches I droped the plan and went for another idea .

Wireless devices were something I've always wanted to make. Then the idea of making a smart speaker came to my mind. With a wifi, bluetooth modules it can easily connect with the smartphones and internet and it can actually have some practical use. I could also add some google API's and make this one work like google home or alexa.

I am also thinking of a levitating speaker module or a combination of both these ideas.This is just the initial idea I still have to work on the design features and electronics

Installing Ubuntu

First I made a partition in my local disc D using disk management.

I tried installing ubuntu on my laptop but sadly it got stuck during the installation. Later I found that it was some problem with nvidia graphics card. So I decided to install the ubuntu bash for Windows 10 which serves almost the similar purpose. For that I first enabled the developer mode in windows settings.

After this I downloaded the ubuntu App from windows store and installed it and voila here is my ubuntu in Windows !.