Invention, intellectual property, and income

As an artist and freelance graphic designer I was always facing dissemination problems! It’s a different case if one has a willor pressure on earning money on something or no.

In the case of my final project I will put an accent more on visibility aspect than money. I would like my project to be hosted by some events, set up in a culture space or wherever would be accesible for audience.

I will be using sharing channels like:

  • organising a project showcase in small art-space, inviting everybody whou could be interested in the project
  • notifing friends who are involved in art project/spaces by newsletter
  • sharing photos on Instagram and my personal website
  • writting initiative proposals to events/festivals

One thing is spreading the news about possibilities of hosting this specific but the other thing is what is really behind that:

I would like to notify the network/possible cooperators/clients about upgrading my skills and opennes for involvement in maker-like art/design/educational projects. Becouse of that the showcasing during events is very important!

Creative Commons

I will open it under the creative commons condition.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.