Applications and implications

What will it do?

I’m not shaving interactive art installation.

The installation will contains of two major elements: a capacitance sensor and a projected animation. The animation sequence will be player once the user will trigger the capacitance sensor by touching it.

The Animation will be played from the projector conncted to the Raspberry Pi. I’m going to set up Processing on RaspberryPi and use the serial communication to make things works between my sensor board and RaspberryPi.

Who’s done what beforehand?

I guess connecting a sensor with the projection it’s pretty common thing in the creative and education filds. Sensors are very different as well as images, animations or visualizations which are projected on top of them.

There are very nice examles from Urban Conga who are connecting this two previousely mentioned fields.

What will you design?

sketch of final project

  • capacitance sensor made from felt and conductive thread, and having vibration motors in the back of it
  • two PCB boardsone for capacitance sensor and other one for vibration motors
  • animation which will be played on top of it
  • holding system for fixing on the wall

The detailed executive-to-do-list one can find in Final Project Development.

What materials and components will be used? Where will come from? How much will they cost

  • 1x2m sheet of industrial felt / bought in the local felt store / 23 euro /
  • conductive thread / from FabLab Barcelona, ordered online / 42 euro
  • two copper plates + all the electronics components / from FabLab Barcelona / each approx. 10 euros
  • piece of plywood 5mm and 1,5cm / from FabLab Barcelona,orderedin wood store / ca 15 euro
  • two 3D printed holders / from FabLab Barcelona /
  • three vibration motors / from FabLab Barcelona, ordered online / each 5.70 euro
  • rented Projector / from FabLab Barcelona, there is one that I can use
  • FTDI cable / from FabLab Barcelona, ordered online / 17 euro
  • Raspberry Pi / bought online / 39 euro

What parts and systems will be made? What processes will be used?

  • Sensor: lasercutter technology + Janome sewing embroidery machine
  • Electronics: milling technology + soldering
  • Wiring: soldering
  • Holders: 3D printing + lasercutting + milling on CNC

What questions need to be answered?

  • how to create soft and big size capacitance sensor?
  • how to program the sensor so it will trigger the projection
  • how to connect the sensor to vibration motors?
  • which battery to use for three motors?
  • how to fix everything on the wall
  • how to deal with running time?

How will it be evaluated?

  • by the attention of its users, who are going to be the people taking part in festivals, events, guests of the cultural spaces
  • by attention of art &/or education-liked spaces who will invite the project to be hosted