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Computer Controlled Machining

Group assignment with Theo Gautier from Agrilab

Safety Training

  • Always look the machine when it’s working !
  • Protect your ears with a cask or some ear plug protection.
  • Protect your eyes with glass.
  • Keep a security distance between you and the machine
  • Keep you finger above the “STOP” button just in case…

Machine Limits

We used a 6 mm 2 flutes mill:

We tested the dogbones :

We also tested the alignment on the X and Y axis, the dimensions respect and the speed diferences :

Internal and external Right Angle :

Conclusion :

  • Be careful when machining !
  • On X and Y you loose about 1.5mm with the 6mm milling tool.
  • If you increase the speed it degrades more the material. If you want a smooth result prefere a cool speed.
  • You can make external right angle but not internal.