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3D Scanning and Printing

Group work with Theo Gautier from Agrilab

We tested the limits of the 3D printer machine : Original Prusa i3 MK3 by Josef Prusa

  • First choose a “torture test model” for the 3D Print.
  • We chose the “All-In-One” from All3DP

  • Open the test file by clicking on “crtl” + “o”
  • Set your parameters regarding what you want. For the test, we kept the default parameters.

  • Save your file as a “.gcode” on your computer by clicking on “Save to Disk”

  • Save it to the 3D printer SD card
  • Put it in the machine
  • Select your file

  • Check the parameters on the printer screen
  • Launch it ! and you will see the machine begining heating

  • The machine starts by making a trial to set its X,Y and Z coordinates. You can remove it.

  • Then it starts with the first layer :

  • Make sure you have enough time because printing lasts more than 6 hours for this model.

Final result :

We analysed different points :

  • Angle limits : beyond 60° a support is required

  • Edge distortion without a plate adhesion :

  • Bridging limit : beyond 0.7mm a support is required

  • The external diameter is as parametered but not the internal one because the nozzle is 0,4mm :

  • You can add a support that you will remove if you want to make a large bridge :

  • On the X and Y axis the machine works well :

  • On the Z axis, some irregularities are realised because of the nozzle moves :