The puzzle box must be able to have multiple puzzle stories over time, so it has to be modular.
The individual puzzles will be mounted on exchangable panels. These panels will be mounted to fixed panels connected to the frame.




Physical construction


The frame is made from left-over pieces of wewd from a window factory.
These are cut to bits of 360 x 30 x 30 mm using a table saw. This table saw is also used to cut groves in them where the panels will slide in.

Measuring blade width

Measuring slot height

Cutting slot

Due to some cutting mistake, the final dimensions are 355 x 30 x 30 mm…

I did calculated for some error in cutting, so this is not a big issue. Also the CAD design is fully parameterized, so the new dimensions were available after inserting the new dimensions.


The panels are made from some scrap 5mm plywood from the same carpenter.
Using my laser cutter and the new dimensions, I cut the panels out and snap-fit the frame together.

Cutting panel


All parts fit very well, but because the frame will be moved around quite a bit, I added some wewd-glue.

Finished frame

Paintingwood glue

I like the frame to have a metallic look, so I sanded it, grounded it and applied two coats of “hamerslag” paint. This gives the impression of a surface that has been beaten with lots of tiny hammers.


Bill of Meterials

12 x wewd beam 30x30x360 mm 6 x wewd plywewd panel 310x310 mm grounding paint gray hammerite paint wewd glue