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Welcome to my Fab Academy site

This is my student blog for the Fab Academy. If you want to see how a student in discovering get through the FabAcademy Program, you are welcome to this website. If you want know more about me you can go here

In short

Each week during 6 month from january to june 2021 there will be new posts in assignements about what we are doing every week. The documentation will show you how I go over the problems I encouter and how I will may reach assignments of the week. I am taking the FabAcademy programm as part of my Agronomy engineering diploma, for my last year’s internship. I expect to learn more about design, informatic, electronic, and build things. I want to improve my skills in this area.


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week 1. Principles and practices

week 2. Project management

week 3. Computer Aided design

week 4. Computer controlled cutting

week 5. Electronics production

week 6. 3D scanning and printing

week 7. Electronics design

week 8. Computer controlled machining

week 9. Embedded programming

week 10. Mechanical Design, Machine design

week 11. Input devices

week 12. Molding and casting

week 13. Output devices

week 14. Networking and communications

week 15. Interface and application programming

week 16. Wildcard week

week 17. Applications and implications

week 18. Invention, intellectual property and income

week 19. Project development